Operation & Maintenance

Best operations and maintenance (O&M) practices help keeping electrical and mechanical systems working at peak performance during the life of the building. Neglect, poorly-chosen replacements, and misunderstanding of systems can undo all the improvements of good electrical and mechanical design.  Top-quality operations and maintenance practices such as continuous commissioning and optimization of processes can lead up to 30% energy savings, significantly improved performance of all these systems and up to 50% increment of equipment lifetime.

Good O&M is measured by system performance and energy efficiency achieved during the processes. The system should continue providing thermal comfort at the energy use specified in the HVAC design for the building. As technology improves, the performance may even be improved to exceed design specs.

An important part of the O&M is schedules for cleaning ducts, filters, and other components, replacing filters, measuring energy use and comfort, provide proper and in time maintenance for generators, water treatment equipment, storage tank cleaning, boiler calibration, washing of chiller coils etc.