BREEAM Consulting

BREEAM or Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method is the United Kingdom-developed method which nowadays is the most widely applied combination of international sustainable building assessment standard and certification system. BREEAM certification is granted to the buildings that account for the least adverse impact on the environment throughout the entire life cycle. BREEAM is applicable for the assessment of new and already existing buildings. By now over 425 thousand BREEAM certificates have been issued across the globe and another nearly 2 million buildings have been registered and waiting to be assessed.

What can BREEAM consulting give you:

  • Planning and design
  • Energy efficiency
  • Water efficiency and conservation
  • Material conservation and resource efficiency
  • Environmental quality
  • Day lighting modeling & Analysis
  • Thermal comfort modeling & Analysis
  • Energy modeling & analysis

The primary aim of BREEAM UK New Construction is to mitigate the life cycle impacts of new buildings on the environment in a robust and cost effective manner. This is achieved through integration and use of the scheme by clients and their project teams at key stages in the design and construction process.